API and Widgets

API and Widgets

To create a flexible web platform one need to implement API & Widgets within the framework of portal. The API is necessary in order to create several custom widget solutions for keeping the needs of customers in mind. These widgets with additional functionalities would be beneficial to target consumer market. They can also serve as a representation of online identity and brand value when they are inserted into external websites and links. We can also help in developing features of rich widgets for your website to create an interactive experience that will satisfy your customers.

Following are the features that are part of our Widget Development Policy:

  • Use of various technologies such as C, C++ and Visual Basic for widget creation and development
  • Custom Widget design based on business specifications
  • Flash , HTML, and Javascript use to create interactive widgets
  • Deployment of a variety of widgets from social networking apps to gaming and productivity solutions depending upon client needs
  • Development of Widgets for web, and mobile platforms based on client preferences

Our experts in development team make sure that these widgets offer the best performance access and security features on optimized code. We can also even provide sharing, bookmarking and downloading options on the Widget. Modifications and up gradation options are also provided depend on client requirement. As far as API and Widget are concern, we provide superb solution that will help Client to generate more revenues and visitor traffic on business portal.





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