Database Programming

Database Programming

In the current era database security as well as maintenance is big task. Database programming play big role in the development so our expert role is to maintain records take backup as well secure its from hacking, SQL injection, duplicity and redundancy. While using ecommerce transaction on the business portal, database would have a lot of sensitive customer information such as name, address, contact details and credit card details. This information can easily be obtained by an unauthorized person by using malpractice to hack database. We help our client to build powerful and safe database that customers can rely on. We have expert programmers who would help in creation; maintenance and support of multiple databases within the portal, helping you establish a stable business policy.

Listed are the most important features of our database driven services:

  • Use of sophisticated database platforms such as MySQL, Oracle and etc.
  • Custom development of database oriented software for business needs
  • Database integration with the portal along with design of custom modules and tables
  • Regular updates, patches and security hotfixes to prevent any kind of malicious practice
  • Backup resources and disaster recovery procedures for portal databases





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