I-Phone Applications

I-Phone Applications

Launch of iPhone by Apply revolutionized the cell phone industry, it has got the support and good feedback from critics and consumers for its various integrated hardware and software features. One of the reasons of success of Iphone Applications is that it has got the feature which allow user to perform a variety of tasks based on minimal efforts.

Following are our key application genres:

  • Delegates & Protocols
  • GPS Location. Showing current location. "Near Me" shop/ locations in a specified radius (10, 25, 50, or 75 miles) to the current location allowing the user to see all shop/ locations "flagged" on a map within their desired radius.
  • Google Map kit (Integrate GMap). With Map Kit plot multiple latitude longitude on maps . Filter desire accuracy and autoupdate current lat long on maps.
  • Annotations
  • Location Manager
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Data Parsing Communicate data with XML Parsing, Web-Service (SOAP Services, REST Services, JSON Parsing)
  • HTTP POST Requests, Reverse Geocoding
  • Integrate with remote services, server-side integration.
  • Showing news, RSS feed articles
  • UI Tableview
  • Tab Controllers
  • Accelerometer
  • Communicate data with DATABASE [SQLite] &CoreData
  • Universal App Development
  • Core Animation.
  • Streaming / Playing media option. Searching YouTube channel for videos the users like to watch. Real time Video Strumming.
  • Capturing Image & video and uploading to web server.
  • Video/Song synchronizations to play video in offline.
  • Security resign Using encryption and decryption Algorithm
  • Social networking. Post buzz on Facebook and Twitter.
  • iAIDs - the advertisements running in the app
  • Managing shopping to purchase the product from the application with payment integration using In-App Purchase and PayPal. PushNotification and In App Purchase services with urban airship and Apple framework.
  • Notification - Push Notification & Local Notification
  • Managing AppStore and Apple Developer Center.
  • IOS 6.0 and Xcode 4.5

Above applications are specifically designed for iphone, so that we can provide full compatibility with the current generation models, leaving scope of further modifications and up gradation in the future.





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