LAMP Development

LAMP Developer

One of the most innovative open source web development platform is LAMP, that uses Linux for its host OS, Apache as the web server, MySQL for database functions and PHP for scripting purposes. You can hire LAMP developer proficient in these technical domains to create business specific applications that can be sent to your clients and customers. Our expert team of developers can help you choose your key objectives and create applications to support the core functions of your business.

Some of the essential features offered by our LAMP developers are as follows:

  • Creation of personal and professional websites using LAMP software stack
  • Developing CMS and web applications for your business requirements
  • Providing database management features for your web based servers
  • Development of ecommerce portals with integrated shopping car solutions
  • Content management and deployment based on the LAMP architecture

Our developers are highly skilled in the LAMP application methodology and employ advanced quality metrics to ensure that you get the most efficient products that have a stable life cycle and require minimum maintenance. We offer our services using industry supported models, in compliance with all of your fundamental business objectives. Our rates are extremely affordable and we provide complete technical support to deal with all your queries and problems. Additional support and enhancement options are also provided as part of the development package. When you LAMP developer from our pool of professional experts, you can get a complete value for money solution to your custom business projects.





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