Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a Web application that has many of the characteristics of desktop application software, typically delivered by way of a site-specific browser, a browser plug-in, an independent sandbox, extensive use of JavaScript, or a virtual machine

Saprockuses RIA technology for its clients to give them an unparalleled interactive web experience and help their businesses to improve productivity and provide the highest level of services to its customers. We majorly use AJAX to develop such highly interactive and a rich user interface.

New applications developed with the help of RIAs which may not be able to be done by existing web technologies helps in simplifying complex processes including online shopping and data analysis, also registration, etc. RIAs help in giving customers a more interactive experience. The best part of RIAs is that they can be deployed as small modules or as part of normal HTML pages and can also be made to work with existing web infrastructure.





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