Web 2.0 Development

web2.0 development

The static environment of web has changed over the past few years and web 2.0 has announced the advent of collaborative and social web applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and web portals which make possible information sharing and collaboration.

Saprock web 2.0 programmers carry an ever increasing portfolio of technical abilities and expertise which encompasses all the up-to-the-minute Internet development technologies, meeting an ever growing need of our clients. Our immense experience enables us to figure out complex business logic and develop pioneering mobile and web development solutions for it.

Our team is proficient of creating widgets, social networking websites, sales portals, e-Commerce sites and Intranets using web 2.0 development.

Our highly accomplished team of professionals can offer you web 2.0 development services that you would have in no way experienced before.





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