Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development
  • Need a portal that caters to a specific industry?
  • Need a portal that caters to domain expertise but covers innumerable businesses and sectors?
  • Need a platform to exchange information on a large scale?
  • Want a solution that is a coming together of diverse ecommerce applications on a single website?
  • Are you looking for full-fledged web enterprise solutions that are beyond the scope of an ordinary website?

The scope of web portal is extensive and diverse. Their purpose is to bring together various sources of information to a single platform. The objective behind web portal development varies from client to client. The challenge is to achieve a merging of various technologies and platforms to develop a site that meets the portal expectations of the client. All in all, a custom web portal solution offers a web environment that is extremely planned and organized and at the same time brings together various web-based applications to perform multiple procedures.

Web portal designing and development solutions include:

  • ASP.Net based Portals, PHP Web Portals
  • Single point access to business processes and systems
  • Web portal services based on technologies such as CGI/Perl, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML, and XSL
  • Social Networking or Community Portals based on Social Networking Applications
  • Commercial portals for B2B & B2C exchanges
  • Corporate networks or business/enterprise portals
  • Portal web content management
  • Systems integration





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